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Meet The Team

The Business Team

Our Business Team has 34 years combined experience. They are friendly, professional and compassionate about you and your child’s dental needs. They always take the time to thoroughly explain treatment and financial options. At ABC Dentistry, we do our best to accommodate your scheduling needs, and strive to make you and your child’s visit a positive one from start to finish.  The business team can be contacted at info@abcdds.com.

ABC Dental and Orthodontics hygiene staff photo
The Hygiene Team

Our Hygiene Team is a highly qualified, well skilled, child friendly group of professionals. The hygienists understand apprehension toward dental visits, and they are specially trained to alleviate any concerns. Oral hygiene instructions, dietary suggestions, and regular 6 month preventive care visits to our office will help to guide you and your family through a lifetime of healthy smiles!

ABC Dental and Orthodontics clinical team photo
The Clinical Team

Our Clinical Team at ABC Dentistry are qualified, caring, passionate people who understand the needs of you and your children. They are always willing to take the extra step to ensure that the visit is comfortable and relaxing.

Helping Others

Christmas Presents to Pediatric Wards

The elves at ABC Dentistry were so excited to shop for, wrap, and deliver gifts to children who had to spend their holidays at Alexian Brothers and St. Alexius Hospitals.
The big smiles on the children's faces were unforgettable.

Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation - Pediatric Dentist, General Dentist & Orthodontist - Schaumburg & Hoffman Estates, IL - ABC Dentistry

Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation - Pediatric Dentist, General Dentist & Orthodontist - Schaumburg & Hoffman Estates, IL - ABC Dentistry
Making Strides Breast Cancer Walk

As October rolls around, you will often see a group of ABC team members and their families dressed in pink and walking to help raise awareness for breast cancer. This disease has touched so many of our lives; and we are proud to raise money for the cure.

Special Olympics Sports Day

Every May, many of us from ABC unite to participate in the local Special Olympics Sports Day. We assist hundreds of Special Olympians in events such as kicking, running, and throwing. We love the hands-on nature of this event; which includes many of our very own patients.

Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation - Pediatric Dentist, General Dentist & Orthodontist - Schaumburg & Hoffman Estates, IL - ABC Dentistry

Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation - Pediatric Dentist, General Dentist & Orthodontist - Schaumburg & Hoffman Estates, IL - ABC Dentistry
Feed My Starving Children

Volunteers from ABC Dentistry joined together to fill bags of highly nutritious rice, vegetables, and protein powder into sealed pouches. These care packages go to nearly 70 countries sustaining the lives of severely malnourished children.

Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation

We walked for Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation. Our ABC team, along with their families, gathered in Busse Woods and raised over $700 for this great cause.

Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation - Pediatric Dentist, General Dentist & Orthodontist - Schaumburg & Hoffman Estates, IL - ABC Dentistry

Autusim Awareness at Pump It Up - Pediatric Dentist, General Dentist & Orthodontist - Schaumburg & Hoffman Estates, IL - ABC Dentistry
Autism Awareness at Pump It Up

ABC Dentistry hosted an event at Pump it Up in Schaumburg to help raise money for Autism Awareness. We had a wonderful time "bouncing" with our families and our patients that evening.

Mission Statement

ABC Dental and Orthodontics logo

"To nurture our patients from infancy through adulthood by providing the highest quality dental care in a family-friendly environment."

What Others Are Saying

ABC Dentistry..what can I say? I LOVE IT!!!! A little hard to find, but isn't that they way with the best places. I got a referral to ABC for my son who needed a tooth pulled. Only 7 years old so I was a little leary about it. Dr. Hill-Cordell explained everything to me and my son. She explained what she was going to do, why and what would happen with the spacer she was putting in. After seeing how well she was with my son, I decided she was the only dentist for my kids including my 3 year old. My husband and I have also decided that we will only being seeing them for ourselves, just haven't gotten around to making that appointment...not enough time in the day, but I will be at ABC in November. Great dentists, great hygenist, and great video screening room! Ooops, one more thing...with all the running I do, I truly appreciate the email and text reminders. I love the technology if only for that!

I highly recommend ABC Dentistry. This is a pediatric dentist office that not only puts your childs dental health on top of the priority list but their emotional status as well. They are a very caring, thoughtful, friendly, intelligent, group of professionals that are completely equipped to deal with any type of situation. Another benefit to coming to ABC Dentistry is that they also have a orthodontist in the office. So you don't need to jump from doctor to doctor. You actually have the security and benefit knowing that your dentist and orthodontist are working together with your childs best interest at heart. Sincerely, Wendy Indihar

When my 9 yr. old was 5, she had major dental troubles and because of her experience with another dentist, she was terrified of going to the dentist. I found ABC dentistry and because of the care and experience of Dr. Hill-Cordell over the last 4 years, not only is she not afraid of the dentist anymore, but her dental health is fantastic. We are so happy here and even though we drive 45 minutes to get there, we wouldn't go anywhere else!

I have been Dr. Cordell's patient for 11 years now. I will NEVER go to a different dentist. He and his staff make me feel cared about and important. I never have had to wait a long time in the waiting room, and every procedure I have had (and I've had a lot) has been done with caring, precision, and in the most cost-effective manner. Dr. Cordell also discusses with me every option for every procedure, giving me all of the details so that he and I can make the best decision TOGETHER. He and his staff always makes me feel important and a part of every decision. They always have my best interest in mind. AND, if Dr. Cordell feels that he cannot effectively resolve a problem, he always refers me to the best specialist who can. Now that is integrity! What more can I say? You will not find a better dentistry in the Chicagoland area!

ABC dentistry is worth the drive. We drive about an hour but with one special needs and two other "typical" children it is always worth the trip. Dr. Brodersen was the first dentist to take my special needs daughter's dental issues seriously. This is one of those rare places where parents of special needs children can feel truly welcome. After seeing how well they worked with her I switched my other two boys to their office as well. The boys have seen all the dentists and they were all great. I have recommended them to friends and will continue to do so, with confidence.

They saved me! I was very afraid of the dentist just in general and had just had a very very bad experience with a dentist who drilled two holes in my teeth and did not fill them. He just sent me home so of course I was tramatized. I could not eat without tremendous pain. Long story short, I chose abc because they had a lot of good reviews on yahoo. My dentist was Dr. Heinz and she was soooo great. She was caring and professional. She took great care of me and for that I am forever grateful because I am not the easiest person to relax. The office is very professional, the wait is very very short. The whole staff is nice and the place is very up to date and modern. The even have a little theater for children while they wait. I am not one to give many reviews but ABC Dentistry and there staff deserves this review. Thank you guys!

We love ABC Dentistry. Dr. Hill is amazing. My 4 year old son has terrible teeth with many cavities and because of Dr. Hill's great bedside manner and abilities to work with little kids he is not afraid to go to the dentist. They tailor everything to the children from letting them wear sunglasses, prizes at the end, and a movie theater in the waiting room. I wouldn't go anywhere else.

We Love ABC Dentistry: I have two boys ages 7 and 11 they hate going to the dentist office , they will do everything in their power not to go . I looked up this place ABC since it was local I figured let's give them a try that was two years ago. Now both boys are now making excuses to go to the dentist office.. I love this place the surrounds are very nice . The dentist no matter which one waits on us they are all great with the kids. I have found a place where my children can bring their children one day !!! Keep up the Happy Smiles!!!!

We have been going to ABC Dentistry for 17 years! My 2 daughters, now 13 and 19, love Dr. Hill and everyone else who has been so caring, nice and understanding over the years. Bottom line? My daughters have beautiful, strong and healthy teeth and are definitely NOT afraid of the dentist! We wouldn't go anywhere else!

We love Dr. Broderson, we have been going to Dr. Broderson for 13 years now, and would not go anyplace else. Their office is amazing, and so friendly from the receptionist when you walk in to the hygienists, to the dentists themselves. Dr. Broderson is amazing to work with, especially for children with chronic medical conditions that may carry over into their teeth. She is also willing to work around issues that come up like special requests for visits, which we had to do one time when my daughter's immune system was so weak that being around others would put her at risk. They were willing to accommodate us so that she could still keep her dental appt. No matter what comes up in your life, they are open and willing to work with all families. We have recommended them to so many families we know with special needs kids. Keep up the fantastic work......

We went to this practice for my son's first dental visit when we moved to the area. He is now almost four and he has been there three times. My 2.5 year old has also gone twice. My son has some sensory issues and the team is very patient with him and has made all his visits fantastic experiences. We were so impressed with their work with the kids, my husband and I have started going there as well. The scheduling reminder process is fantastic and helps us keep tabs of all our appointments flawlessly! We have recommended this practice to a number of friends.

We've been attending ABC Dentistry with Dr. Broderson since my first child was old enough to see a dentist and we've been there since with 2 additional kids. My daughter is now at college & we're scheduling her to see Dr. Broderson during her winter break. Dr. Broderson has a fabulous, fun, outgoing personality that makes kids and their parents feel very welcomed. She makes the kids enjoy their dentist visits. Her staff is warm and friendly as well. The office wait area is immaculate with toys for the kids, magazines for the parents and a teen area which makes the short wait even shorter. We've been so blessed to be able to keep ABC Dentistry even with changes in our Insurance plans over years. I can't say enough about the service, the work, the staff and the cleanliness. Duong Sheahan

Both of my boys go to ABC Dentistry. They love it! We used to go to a different dentist. It was nothing but tears everytime we had to go. Now they get excited to go. The whole staff is friendly and so willing to work with the kids to make it a great trip. Could be happier with them!

ABC is the best! I've been a patient of Dr. Cordell for 15 years and our three kids see Dr. Hill at ABC. We have referred lots of other families and they are all very happy. The new office is wonderful. It's well appointed and has very modern equipment. I was in for a cleaning this morning and as usual, no waiting..ABC Dentistry has a professional staff that operates like clockwork. Barb H, Roselle, IL

My daughter is nine and she has been a patient of ABC Dentistry for years and in thinking about our past visits, we have never had a reason to complain about anything. The facility is always very clean and child friendly. The staff is always professional and courteous and Dr. Hill-Cordell is the best! We drive approximately 20 miles, one way, to visit ABC Dentistry and I would highly recommend them to anyone who is looking for a great pediatric dentist

We have been using ABC Dentistry since my younger son had the horrible first dentist< visit at another dentist office. After 5 min of screaming, that dentist stopped and said, "You need to take your son to another dentist" and referred me to ABC. ABC took their time with him. He had a great visit with them and does not mind going to the dentist. His older brother was so surprised that he likes ABC that he asked if he can go there. I would refer anyone to them.

We see Dr. Broderson and Dr. Cordell for the adults. We LOVE this office. They are great with kids (mine love to go) and everything is very high-tech and low impact. My 3 yr old just had 2 fillings in her back molars with no anesthetic, and Dr. B was amazing and kept her very calm. They are very respectful and listen well. The desk staff also are great to work with!

My son's first >dentist appointment >was with Dr. Hill-Cordell, and the experience was great. He is not afraid to go to the dentist, and actually enjoys getting the toy at the end. I've had several appointments here with Dr. Cordell, and I like the honesty. The office is very clean and staff is professional. I have several dentists closer to my house, but would gladly come here instead.

We first went to Dr. Hill when my oldest was in 5th grade. He need a couple of teeth pulled and she came highly recommended. He is now 18 and stills goes to her. My younger son who is 7 has gone to her since the beginning and has never had a problem. They are very welcoming and answer all your questions. I got to Dr. Cordell and for someone like me who has had issues with >Dentists has not had a problem since I started going here. I highly recommend this office!

ABC is exceptional!!!! We see Dr. Hill and she is absolutely fabulous with my 5 year old and 3 year old!!! The kids especially enjoy the theatre in the waiting room and the prize they receive at the end of the appointment! I love the doctors and the staff. They seem so committed to give quality care and service!!!

I love everything about there. The staff is very friendly, and the wait time is not more than 5-7mins. Doctor Cordell is very witty and humorous, but makes sure his patients are fully satisfied with his treatment.

I have been taking my kids to see Dr.B for over 10yrs and she never fails. My kids love her as do I for her patience and her calming ways. Thank you to all the girls that assist and do a fantastic job as well!

I have two children that have some unusual medical concerns. Dr. Broderson has unbelievable compassion and skills to work with special kids. Both of my children are not on the same cleaning schedule, but when it is not there turn to see Dr. B they cry! Both have had custom dental work completed by Dr. B and Nargis with incredible results. My kids will go to Dr. B until she retires.

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